New product! – Controller 6F CD4

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New generation Olsbergs controller – light weight, ergonomic with colour display and work light

A new generation Olsbergs controllers has been developed to meet all requirements an operator can wish for – light but durable controllers which are easy to use even when it is dark outside as they are equipped with lighting for safe operation. The controllers are designed with strong focus on reliability, ease of use and safety.

User-friendly operator interface

The controllers have an ergonomic design with a 3.5 inch infocenter in full colour display for system information that can easily be customized with content as desired. Side displays with graphics and texts combined that show available functions distinct and clear for smooth and safe use with optimum readability in different surrounding and lighting conditions.

The levers have a fingertip sense and are dual channelled to meet applicable safety requirements. Up to 6 functions can be operated simultaneously depending on the model.

Smart battery with operator properties

The controllers have “smart” batteries where the operators properties are saved and the same battery can be used in another CD4 controller with saved properties. Smart and easy. For more information see Battery CD4.

Menus for easy navigation between operator modes

The controllers have menus for direct navigation between different operating modes via a keypad that is ergonomically positioned to be easily accessible with the thumbs.

Haptic feedback

The controls are equipped with flashing warning lights for increased safety in dangerous workplaces. They also have a built-in vibrator as haptic feedback to draw attention to abnormal values. Should the actuator be dropped, it is automatically switched off before it hits the ground to prevent possible uncontrolled movement.

Strong focus on good and safe working environment

As an extra safety measure when operating the crane, there is a patented function where the controller senses the position in relation to the crane’s support leg. In this way, it is ensured that the support legs can only be maneuvered when you have supervision over them.

The new generation Olsbergs controllers are full of useful functions to facilitate the operator’s daily work and safety. They are powerful tools and secure good and safe working environment and caters for total control.

License-free frequency bands

The controllers communicate via radio on the license-free frequency bands ISM 868 and ISM 915 or via cable.

Frequency band:

Europe: ISM 868 MHz, a free band approved by the European Commission.
This means that no license is needed and the radio can in principle be used everywhere in EU including over national boundaries.
For detailed information about free band use see

Transmitting with AFA (Adaptive Frequencey Agility) and LBT (Listen Before Talk)

North America: ISM 915 MHz

Transmitting with FHSS (Frequencey Hopping Spread Spectrum)

CANopen Safety communication

3 pcs transreflexive LCD displays

Battery time: 8 hours per full charging (replaceable battery)

Safety philosophy

The control system fulfils stringent safety requirements in terms of reliability and operational safety.
The products are CE-marked and approved in accordance with machinery directive 2006/42/EG.
The radio conforms with the Radio Directive (2014/53/EU, RED) and Harmonized European Standard ETSI EN 300 220-2 V3.1.1

North America
The radio module in the controller transmits in the range ISM 915 MHz and conforms with Part 15 i FCC and IC regulations in USA resp. Canada and Mexico.

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