Inlet section VFU

  • Product category: Hydraulic products

Modular inlet sections for flexible installation

The inlet sections are modular and available in three versions, J, VF and inlet section VFU; all fit Q200 and Q300 valves.

All have pump, tank, signal and servo pressure connection ports and measuring points for pump, signal and servo pressure.

The inlet section VFU can be used for variable and fixed pumps.

Inlet section VFU

Simple conversion between fixed or variable pump by simply replacing plug, piston, spring and cover in one of the inlets.

Pressure compensated flow

The inlet section VFU  is also designed to provide pressure compensated flow to e.g. an outrigger valve. The main valve and outrigger port are prevented from simultaneous activation for safety reasons.

Main pressure limiter

The inlet section VFU is equipped with main pressure limiter in order to prevent pressure spikes damaging the hydraulic system.

Flow (from pump): Max. 300 l/min
Max. working pressure: 45,0 MPa (450 bar)
Measurement nipple standard: Tema system 100

Pump (P): G 3/4″
Tank (T): G 3/4″
Signal (S): G 3/8

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