Joysticks mini D3

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Classic mini joysticks with modern software

Olsbergs’ joysticks Mini D3 is the operator’s tool for manoeuvring equipment quickly, safely and precisely. The joystick handles are classic mini joysticks that are used in forestry machines but the control board and software are Olsbergs own design.

Designed for Olsbergs MultiDrive 2 D3 system

Joysticks mini D3 have the ame attachment to the armrest and the same cable connections as Olsbergs Joysticks D3.

CAN-bus communikation

Each joystick has a microprocessor that constantly senses its position and converts this information to a data protocol which is sent to the valve control system via the CAN bus for smooth, fast and precise control of the machine.

Olsbergs mini joystick D3 and  Olsbergs classic joystick D3 with trigger grip have the same attachment to the armrest and the same cable connections. This makes it easy to switch between joystick if one operator uses mini joysticks and the other operator the classic.

Ergonomic design and fingertip control

  • Individual control system settings for adaptation to different modes of operation.
  • Push buttons for selecting MENU and MICRO operations. These buttons influence the whole system regardless of which lever is moved.
  • Push buttons for setting operator profile FUNCTION, CHANGE and SET only applies to the lever the keypad belongs to.

Mechanical  operation angle: ±25°

Used in Olsbergs MultiDrive 2 D3 system

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