Load-holding valve DLHV

  • Product category: Hydraulic products

Stable, vibration-free lowering manoeuvres

The load-holding valve DLHV in combination with an Olsbergs Q200 or Q300 valve is characterized by vibration-free lowering manoeuvres, low operating pressure and pressure-compensation in both directions

Load-holding valve DLHV solves infamous problem

Achieving safe, vibration-free lowering manoeuvres in a crane function in connection with load-sensing systems and conventional load holding valves is a well-known problem. Systems must often be set up such that an unnecessarily high operating pressure is built up on the piston rod side when lowering.

Low pressure on the piston rod side

Olsbergs load holding valves mean lowering manoeuvres are stable with very low operating pressures on the piston rod side.

Protection against broken hoses

The load holding valve is closed and tight in neutral position and gives protection against a broken hose. It has shock valves with anti-cavitation function for both piston and piston rod side of the cylinder.

Valve function: Pressure compensated, pressure controlled check valve with intergrated “shock valves”
Type: Load-holding valve
Versions: Cylinder or pipe mounted
Flow (from valve): Max. 100 l/min
Flow (from cylinder): Max. 100 l/min
Max. pump pressure: 45,0 MPa (450 bar)

Valve ports: G 1/2″, G 3/8″
Cylinder ports: G 1/2″, G 3/8″
Tank: G 3/8″

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