Radio kit MultiDrive (CD5000)

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Replacement kit

Radiokit MultiDrive replaces obsolete radiotransmitter and radio receiver in Hiab CombiDrive 5000 system.

Radio kit MultiDrive (CD5000)

MultiDrive sold at Hiab as CombiDrive 5000 was introduced to the market around year 1998 and contains Olsbergs own radio. Components to this radio is obsolete and no longer available to purchase.

Radio kit MultiDrive is developed in order to offer users of CombiDrive 5000 an alternative to cable operation if the transmitter or receiver breaks in their systems.

The radio kit is available in two different variants of radio, frequency ISM 868 Mhz (EU) or ISM 915 Mhz  (North America).

Radio kit MultiDrive contains the following:

  • 1 pcs transmitter that replaces the bottom module of the controller.
  • 1 pcs receiver that replaces the bottom module of the radio decoder/receiver which is mounted on the vehicle.

The radio kit conforms with the requirements in the new European radio directive: EU Directive 2014/53/EU (RED) Radio Equipment Directive


The radio kit conforms with essential requirements:

Health & Safety in accordance to article 3.1a

EMC in accordance to article 3.1b

Spectrum in accordance to article 3.2

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