Load sensing valve Pv91M

  • Product category: Hydraulic products

Modular design

Valve Pv91 is a load-sensing, pressure compensated, proportional valve with a wide range of applications.

The valve has a modular design and consists of an inlet section, valve block and an outlet section. The modules are adapted for different types of hydraulic systems, fixed or variable pump for flexible installation.

Ventil Pv91M is not used in new projects only in existing system.

Exceptional control and interaction properties

Valve PV91M is well-known for its exceptional control and interaction properties thanks to it is load-sensing and pressure compensated which caters for that each functions can be controlled proportionally independent of load and without influence by pressure levels in other sections.

Remote control

Positioner P9 is designed for remote control of load sensing valve Pv91M. A patented mechanical feed back system in the positioner neutralises pressure and flow forces on the main spool which makes it possible to control the position of the spool exactly and very smoothly.

Valve function: Load sensing, pressure compensated proportional valve
Valve type:  “closed center”
Design: Monoblock, modular, 2-, 4-, 6-, 7- och 8- “sections”
Flow (from pump): Max. 200 l/min
Flow (cylinder pump): max. 100 l/min
Max. working pressure: 40,0 MPa (400 bar)
Servo pressure (electrically operated version): 2,0-2,5 MPa (20-25 bar)
Control: Manually or electrically with positioner P9 ord PD9

Pump (P): G 3/4″
Tank (T): G 3/4″
Signal (S): G 3/8″
Servo (R): G 3/8″
Cylinder port A,B: G 1/2″

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