Digital Amplifier DA2

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Commands to the hydraulics

DA-modules, digital amplifiers are available in three different models; digital amplifier DA2, DA13 and DA14 and they act as interface between electronics and hydraulics in the MultiDrive 2 system.

Only with double acting PD9

Digital Amplifier DA2 modules are used only in combination with PD9 and controls one function in two directions on the control valve.

Digital Amplifier DA2

The DA modules convert data to pulse width modulated control current. The control current is effecting the solenoid on the positioner which in its turn controls the position of the valve spool in direct proportion to the elevation angle of the control lever.


DA2, unlike DA13 and DA14, is configured by means of two jumpers. Jumper 1 indicates in which menu the module is active in and jumper 2 indicates which function it will control.

Status information

Each DA2 module has a LED in the center which indicates if the module has power or not. In addition each output has a LED indicating if the output is active or not.

Number of outputs: 2
Power supply: 24 V from power box
CAN Bus speed: 50 alt. 125 kbit/s

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