Load sensing valve Q200

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Monoblock valve in world class

Valve Q200 is included in the Q-series, a new generation Olsbergs control valves with high responsiveness , performance and precision. Valve Q200 is a load sensing, pressure compensated, proportional valve for a wide range of applications.

High precision

Olsbergs patented mechanical valve spool return means that the valve functions can be controlled with precision proportionality without affecting flow forces.

Valve Q200 is designed for high pressure , high flow and high reliability.

Load sensing valve Q200

Valve Q200 is load-sensing and pressure compensated which gives excellent control and regulation properties. The valve can easily be conncected with other valves in the Olsbergs valve range and is dimensioned for a maximum flow of  300 l/min and 150 l/min per “section/port”. Max. pump pressure: 45 MPa. (450 bar).

Valve sizes

Valve Q200 is available in valve housings of 2-,3-, 4-, 6-, 7- and 8-sections, for manually or electrically control. To the valve housings there is a number of specially adapted inlet and outlet sections for connection to different types of hydraulic systems and pumps.

Valve spools

The function and the properties of the Q200 valves are based on the valves spools and their design. Olsbergs has developed a range of different types of valve spools with flow and control groves that can be combined in various ways in order to achieve the optimum function.

Load sensing

The shuttle system for load-sensing is continuously monitoring the load-pressure level in the cylinder port and controls the pressure level in the pump stem.

By this procedure the system knows which function needs the most flow.

Monoblock design

Valve Q200 is a load sensing, pressure compensated, proportional hydraulic control valve in monoblock design for a wide range of primarily mobile machinery applications.

It is built in two levers. The lower level houses the pressure compensator and shuttle system. The upper level houses the valve spools.

Mechanical valve spool return

Olsbergs patendted acutator, positioner P8, with mechanical feedback of the valve spool makes it possible to control the position of the valve spool with high accuracy without inteference of flow forces.  The positioner P8 has rapid response and responds momentarily when a lever is actuated.

Valve function: Load sensing, pressure compensated proportional valve
Valve type: “Closed center”
Design: Monoblock, modular, 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, 7- och 8- “sections”
Flow (from pump): Max. 300 l/min
Flow (cylinder pump): Max. 150 l/min
Max. working pressure: 45,0 MPa (450 bar)
Servo pressure (electrically operated version): 2,0-2,5 MPa (20-25 bar)
Control: Manually or electrically with positioner P8

Pump (P): G 3/4″
Tank (T): G 3/4″
Signal (S): G 3/8″
Servo (R): G 3/8″
Cylinder port A,B: G 1/2″

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