Pressure reducer/filter PRF – Obsolete

  • Product category: Hydraulic products

Pressure reducer and filter

A combined pressure reducer unit and servo filter for valves, Pv91M and Pv90.

Durable filter catridge with long life time

The filter cartridge with filtering ratio of 10 micron has high  dirt separation capacity and withstand ΔP=20,0 MPa (200 bar). Due to the filter only is working at reduced pressure the safety against filter burst is minimum 5 times which has made it possible not to use bypass.

This means that unfiltered oil never can pass through even if the filter is completely full. When the catridge is full the pressure level is automatically dropping and indicates change of filter.

Reduced pressure as standard: 1,5 – 3.5 MPa (15-35 Bar)
Max. working pressure: 40,0 MPa (400 Bar)
Flow (to servo): Max. 10 l/min

Filter catridge:
Filtering ratio 10 micron
ΔP=20,0 MPa (200 bar)

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