Power box PBF2

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For forestry systems

Power box PBF2 is a central unit in Olsbergs control system for forestry cranes. In addition to power supply it is the centre for all CAN communication and it also contains certain safety functions.

System status is indicated by three distinct LEDs for easy overview.

Power Box BPF2

Olsbergs Power Box, PB.F2 is designed for systems which have no requirement for emergency stop integrated in the power supply.

The PB.F2 has three LEDs. They can shine steadily or blink, and thus give information about different modes of operation, status, error, etc.

In the PB.F2 there is a feature that can be used to time stamp errors or other occurrences, measure the operating time on the system and thus be able to indicate when the maintenance is due, how long it was since the last serviceand so on.


On the outside of PB.F2-cover there are connections for remote control (radio, control or levers) and outputs to the DA modules or relay box. On the inside of the cover there are screw terminals.

Connections on cover outside:
Connector (left):  CAN/+24 V to joystick and display
Connector (middle): CAN/+24 V to DA control valve 1
Connector (right):  CAN/+24 V to DA control valve 2

Connections on cover inside:
Dump 1: +24 V to dump valve on control valve 1
Dump 2: +24 V to dump valve on control valve 2
R/M Select: Signal from RMS box
M Indicator: Power supply of the LED in RMS box

Connections on bottom inside:
Contains pins for conneting +24 V from the vehicle and screw terminal for distribution of +24 V.

Voltage: 16 – 32 V
Fused: 10 A

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