Valve Pv98

  • Product category: Hydraulic products

A tough and small proportional valve in monoblock design

Valve Pv98 is a constant pressure valve with high responsivness and accuracy.
It is available in 2- or 4-functions monoblock, for manual or remote control operation.
The valve has a wide range of applications and suitable for hydraulic functions that require smaller flows.

Valve Pv98

Valve Pv98 is a constant pressure valve. It is available in 2- or 4-functions monoblock, for manually or remotely controlled operation.

Wide range of applications

Valve Pv98 is used for hydraulic functions which requires precision but less flow e.g. outrigger functions.

High precision and performance

Spools with well-designed control groves in combination with positioner P8 make a valve with high reliability and controlled with high precision.

Valve function: Proportional valve for constant pressure
Valve type:  “closed center”
Design: Monoblock, 2- and 4- “sections”
Flow (from pump): Max. 100 l/min
Flow (to cylinder port): Max. 50 l/min
Max. working pressure: 40,0 MPa (40 bar)
Servo pressure (electrically operated version): 2,0-2,5MPa (20-25 bar)
Control: Manually or electrically with positioner P8

Pump (P): G 1/2″
Tank (T): G 1/2″
Servo (R): G 1/4″
Cylinder port A,B: G 3/8″


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