Inclinometer CANopen Safety – New product!

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Accurate angle measurement in real-time in the full 360-degree inclination range

Olsbergs single-axis MEMS Inclinometer with dynamically adapting filters for reliable and accurate measurement of inclination in real-time with a resolution of 1.0 or 0.1 degree depending on model. Full 360-degree inclination range. The interface is CANopen Safety, in accordance with CiA 410 and the supported baud rate is 250 kbit/s.

Wide range of use – easy to integrate

The Inclinometer can be mounted on any type of applications where angle monitoring is needed e.g., cranes, boats, and trucks. Each unit provides a measurement of the inclination between itself and the horizontal plane (orthogonal to gravity). The unit must be mounted with its backside in a vertical plane and is fully functional within a 5-degree tilt between the backside and the nearest vertical plane. The inclinometer is easily integrated into overall safety system by using standard M12 connector and CAN-open communication.

Inclinometer CANopen Safety

By default, the unit sends inclination data with 50 ms between SRDO’s. The period time is settable between 50 ms and 1000 ms. At start up the unit will perform a series of initial checks and then go into Pre-operational mode, in which no inclination data is sent. The unit can now be switched to Operational mode by the CANopen Master. While the unit is in Operational mode, it will send SRDO’s containing the inclination data.

CANopen communication – CiA 410

The inclinometer is easily integrated into overall safety system by using standard M12 connector and CAN-open communication. Other types of connector and cable length are available on request.

Node ID

The inclinometer must have a unique node-ID on the bus. The default node-ID is 36 (0x24). The node-ID can be set using the LSS service. Olsbergs Electronics provides a tool for changing the node-IDs of Inclinometer units.

Power supply

Power supply: +8-32V
Power consumption: ca 18mA (vid 8V) – 6 mA (vid 32V)
Connector: M12 Male, Connector code A
Connection: Feed voltage, ground, CAN H and CAN L

Operating conditions

Operating temperature: -30 till + 80 grader Celsius
Protection rating: IP68
Safety rating: PLd – in accordance with EN ISO13849
Safety: Dual offset sensors, CANopen Safety, Black channel



Protocol: CANopen Safety, in accordance with CiA-410
Communication bitrate: 250 kbit/s
Angle reading presentation interval: 50 ms (20 Hz)


CANopen CiA 301, (EN 50325-4)
Device profile CiA DSP-410
CANopen Safety CiA 304 (EN 50325-5)
Node ID/output intervall via SDO/LSS
Termination resistor: No
EDS-files and CAN manual available.

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